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Honey - the best remedy for skin beauty and health

Complete renunciation of the use of animal products adhere only vegans. The majority of the vegans, refusing only from meat.
Honey - the best remedy for skin beauty and health

Honey is present in many recipes of masks and scrubs hand made, but, in fact, we have not assessed this product as cosmetic. And, in fact, acquiring a golden jar of sweets, we can get rid of many skin problems. Introduction to Dr. Charles Livingston http://fatlossfactoreviewscam.com/

Action - First, honey is a natural antioxidant and protects the skin from the harmful effects, including - from ultraviolet radiation.

Secondly - has the ability to trap moisture in the skin, respectively, prevents dryness. Also, this product is capable of pulling the dirt out of the pores, which helps cleanse the skin. ASIC alia, honey contains many vitamins and enzymes that regulate metabolism and nourish the skin.

And thanks to all of the above properties, honey cosmetics is universal, it can help even skin problems, say, prone to acne, or flaky skin.

Activity - The first thing that you can recommend those who wish using honey - do 2 times a week, honey massage, facial cleansing. It's very simple - to dry skin, apply honey evenly distribute it. Then massage your face with your fingers and palms, "attach" them and pull off quite sharply from the skin, especially concentrating on the problem areas. Fat Loss Factor Success Stories http://fatlossfactoreviewscam.com/success-stories/

The whole procedure should take about 5-7 minutes, after - honey rinse face and make soft using, e.g., oatmeal, apply a drop of face cream or natural oil to moisten.

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