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Great exfoliating agents have influence with fruit acids

If the skin is not only fat, but also sensible, well suited jelly, allowing excluding the impact of chlorinated water.

Also suitable wipes that help remove makeup (including - around the eyes). Prefer napkins, which are composed of aloe, tea tree oil or other anti-inflammatory components. Introduction to Dr. Charles Livingston

Help scrub - Once or twice a week should do gentle exfoliation. For this use scrubs or special cleansing mask (e.g., a solidifying films). Good option - enzyme peels. They gently dissolve fat and help to clean the skin of dirt and dead skin cells.

Great exfoliating agents have influence with fruit acids. However, they have a drawback - they whiten skin and increase sensitivity to UV radiation, because the risk of pigmentation may increase.

Saving moisture - Mistake to think that oily skin does not need to moisturize, and to dry. Additional moisture is needed in summer skin types, especially if you are over 25 years, hydrating agents should be subject to the essentials.

Use gels, fluids and emulsions, water-based - they have a light texture, quickly absorbed and do not leave a shine. Fat Loss Factor Success Stories

Take the time to clarify the cream. The most effective products usually contain hyaluronic acid - it actively nourishes the skin with moisture.

Oily skin like agents based on plant extracts of aloe and chamomile, seaweed, jojoba oil. These ingredients have a moisturizing effect, as well as soothing and properties.

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