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Our brain sees woman as a package body

Our brain sees woman as a package body

Of this Article, the hairs of feminists probably standing upright But it is no different. Namely from conclusive research shows that our brain sees men as men and women as a package body. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form http://fatlossfactoreviewscam.com/

That scientists writing in the journal European Journal of Social Psychology. They base their conclusions on experiments.


The researchers showed subjects photographs. In the picture was a fully dressed man or woman with a neutral facial expression.

The men or women were photographed from the knee to the head and looked straight into the lens. The subjects were first given some pictures to see. After a short break, they got to see two new photos: one was a picture of a person at all was depicted.

Sometimes the subjects that person once already coming Passing in the first part of the experiment had a photo The other was a picture of a (sexual) part of the body.

Sometimes they had already seen this body in the first round, only made it as part of a whole body depicted. The subjects had to indicate which photos they had ever seen. Fast Food Foojoo Software


The results are obvious. Female sexual body parts were much more easily recognized when isolated (and thus not forming part of the body) were presented. Male sexual body parts were better recognized when they were part of a body than when they were presented in isolation.

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