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Incontinence bothers many women

Incontinence - You're not alone. How to fight it?

Incontinence bothers many women find it very stressful and embarrassing. In most cases, however, it can reduce or completely eliminate through lifestyle changes. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Incontinence - You're not alone.  How to fight it? More photos in the gallery

What exactly is incontinence?

Incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine actually. There are several types - stress, sudden and urgent.

For stress incontinence leak urine when vigorous movements, such as in sneezing, coughing, laughing ... The sudden leakage of urine is caused by a change in position, such as from a sitting to a standing position.

When the urge incontinence perceive the need to urinate, but before we get to the bathroom, so we will not endure
Incontinence suffers mainly women

Involuntary loss of urine is more common in women when giving birth because it causes damage to structures that help hold urine and the nerves that communicate the neck of the bladder that has grip.

Incontinence but may also cause illness or injury of the urinary tract.

Gone with redundant kilograms!

Let's get rid of excess weight, because fat pads pressing on the bladder and pelvic floor. Fat Loss Factor Success Stories


Permitted pelvic floor can be cut with regular strengthening very effectively reinforced. Effective are called Keel exercises.

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