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Though essential to the development of the baby


During pregnancy, the placenta (the organ responsible for the nourishment of the fetus) produces some substances (hormones) aplenty.

Though essential to the development of the baby, hormones create resistance (difficulty) the action of insulin in the mother's body. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

All women pregnant women have some degree of insulin resistance, but women with gestational diabetes have a more exaggerated resistance.


Insulin is the key that opens the cell to uptake of glucose, which will later be converted into useful energy.

Causes of Gestational Diabetes

The exact cause of gestational diabetes is unknown. However, experts believe that gestational diabetes may be a stage of diabetes mellitus type 2, the existing clinical similarities between them.

Risk Factors

Age above 25 years,

Obesity or excessive weight gain in the current pregnancy;

Deposition of fat in the trunk; List Of Breakthrough Videos

Family history of diabetes in relatives of 1st grade;

Short stature (1.50 m); excessive fetal growth, hypertension, history of obstetric stillbirth or neonatal macrodome (excessive baby weight) or gestational diabetes presence of glucose in urine

Symptoms Urinating a lot (poly urea); having exaggerated thirst (poly dips); Eating too (poly phage);

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