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Kind of barrier that protects against this powerful pressure

Sanitary starvation - The basis of fasting is observing animals in the wild, and the experience of our ancestors, who unlike us ate not constant, but only when they were able to get food.

Technological advances have solved the problem of dinner; he also freed us from the physical exertion associated with foraging. Modern man eats a lot and moves a little that is consuming more than it spends. Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam? http://www.kyleleonscamreview.com/

Besides lifestyle inhabitant metropolis associated with constant emotional and mental overload, we are affected by a high pace of life, and its corollary - a violation of natural biorhythms.

For many, food becomes a kind of barrier that protects against this powerful pressure. But metabolism changes more slowly than the human condition.

And because sanitary starvation - an effective procedure for maintaining health at the proper level, can replace some townspeople, who does not have time to play sports, workout in the fitness room.

It is believed that fasting frees the body of toxins - in fact in medicine, the term "slag" is absent. He appeared for the popular literature. Become A Muscle Builder

Correct to speak of the end products of metabolism. This urea, uric acid, carbon dioxide, produced by cleavage of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and acids, as well as a number of other substances that the body can no longer be used.

Exactly the same as running, swimming, shaping, sauna and steam rooms, ice swimming, fasting trains the body, causing it to run at high load.

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